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I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your infant staff at the daycare! I leave everyday feeling so content about where I am leaving my child for the day! This is the greatest feeling for a mommy!

Allison Stickney

We've always thought that the staff at GTFRC has been great to our children, however today proved it once more. Kate took her well loved blanket and puppy to school and when I arrived to pick the kids up, she didn't know where they were. She was in hysterics knowing it was the weekend and I had checked cubbies, the classroom etc with no luck. Ms. Chrystal was done her shift, but offered to help look and went through laundry and other classrooms just to double check. Ms. Kelsey was also there and looked hard for it. After a half an hour, we went home - mommy stressed and Kate very sad. Shortly, after we arrived home, Kelsey called and she had found the items! She had continued to look after we had left the school and then, personally delivered them to us since she lived close by! We very much appreciate the extra effort to make Kate's weekend happier!

Julianne Paine

I just wanted to mention how much we love GTFRC! Finley loves it so much. The kitchen staff have been amazing with accommodating his allergy also. Can't thank all the staff enough for taking care of our Finney :)

Heather Vandermeer

Many years later my children talk with excitement about people and events they enjoyed at Growing Together; happy memories for them both!

All the best,

I've been meaning to thank you again for all you have done for us. And I have to tell you that the Christmas presents the children made for us were so thoughtful and wonderful they brought me to tears. By far the best gifts I have ever received!

While we have adjusted nicely to the new home, the girls are missing Growing Together terribly. They talk about it every day on the way to or from Montessori. You can pass on the word that the girls are still playing "Miss Becky" and when I'm in the kitchen cooking I have to be "Miss Karen" :)

They desperately want to come back for a visit. I'm thinking that maybe we'll pop in one day during the March Break if that's OK with you. Just let me know.

Thanks again for everything Diane!

Heather Burk

The ELP program is both affordable and beneficial. James and I feel we have seen many benefits in Julia due to the ELP program at St. Annes. She started JK in Sept, and it was such an easy transition for her. She was excited to see some familiar faces on the first day of school. I noticed a few other kids who were going through some separation issues and Jules actually went over and said "it's ok, your mommy will always come back". So socially she was prepared to participate in a large group without mom or dad J On her progress report from JK she has met and exceeded all of the expectations of her teacher. She works well with her 16 classmates and has the confidence to share her opinion about classroom situations (often lol). Julia is respectful to everyone around her and helps out when asked.

Melanie McKellar

Great points:

  • Nutritious meals
  • Great staff (educated)
  • Outside play
  • Daily Structure (but still flexible to accommodate the kids)
  • Affordable
  • Potty training
  • Encouragement to use Imagination and creativity

It's a fantastic program and we look forward to March when Claudia is of age to start

Melanie McKellar

I haven't had a teacher I wasn't fond of. I could rave forever about the daycare... The infant room teachers were great. It made going back to work so easy.

Ashley Brink-Suk

I love the teachers in that class, they are WONDERFUL. Even all the fill-ins have been awesome!

Jennifer Guy

Tonight, I asked Lilly want kind of fruit she wanted at supper, she responded "see Tina, apple?" This made me smile because it shows me how much going to daycare impacts their lives and how it promotes, not only healthy snacks for the children but also the relationships they are making with others and the rituals that help them succeed in life. Almost all of our toddlers say apple to their parents when they are being picked up. Parents are always commenting on how their child looks forward to grabbing that apple. I think it's cool that we have created such a caring community for the children in our care. Thank you for helping me raise my babies

Miranda Ceccacci – Smith RECE and parent at GTFRC

I have been using Growing Together since 1995 when Daniel was little and I have found the care of my children, your programming and all of your staff exceptional. I never worried about how they were doing or the care they were receiving. For a parent to be able to relax and trust in their child's care means more than you know. Thank you again for all you guys do. I will be happy to recommend Growing Together to anyone

Jody Lindsay

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