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Growing Together Family Resource Centre’s Program Statement

a) Growing Together Family Resource Centres offer children a safe, healthy environment where curiosity is encouraged, concepts are explored and discovery is celebrated. We believe children to be competent, capable, curious and rich in potential. The indoor, outdoor environments, activities are planned so that children experience the power of learning together in small and large groups while still pursuing their own individual learning pathways.

b) We promote a culture of positive and responsive interactions in all areas but also around such routines as; rest, quiet time and nutrition which support the overall well-being of the child and their ability to self- regulate.

c) We recognize that through play, children experience social, emotional and intellectual development. We value the spontaneity, creativity and a love of learning that is generated through child-initiated and adult supported play experiences.

d) The relationship that we build with children is founded upon respect - for their thinking, their feelings and their right to be taken seriously.

e) We value the whole family and foster the engagement and ongoing communication with parents about the program and their children.

f) Growing Together values community partners and their contributions to support the children, families and staff. We believe that learning is optimal when delivered and received from a variety of sources, and support the staff in their professional learning journey.

(The full Program Statement including the Implementation practices is located at entrances in the parent handbook)