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Mission Statement

Growing Together Family Resource Centre (GTFRC) is a not for profit child care organization that is committed to the well being of children and strengthening of families in Blenheim and the surrounding Chatham Kent area. Through professional staff and a progressive Board of Directors, it provides a quality, accessible, and flexible program of play based learning. 

Core Values


We believe each individual deserves to be safe, secure and healthy. Everyone has the right to experience: a sense of belonging, trust, a balance of work and life and the opportunity to be heard.


We cherish honest, empathetic relationships that promote a culture of caring and kindness.


We have the courage to make decisions to stabilize and improve the quality of the organization through a transparent and fiscally responsible manner.


We are committed to honest and accountable organizational practices. We promote influential leadership. We believe in reflection, collaboration, research and planning.


We are committed to providing everyone with flexible options. We foster open, respectful communication that will promote meaningful connections.


We believe in exploring original ideas that provoke: resourcefulness, ingenuity and inspiration.

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